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360 Degree Performance Appraisal Review

360 Degree Performance; Putting Performance In Your Business Front-And-Centre

Every business is looking to enhance its performance, and one of the most critical factors in a business’ performance is its people. 360 Degree Performance is achieved by assisting your staff and their managers become more productive, more engaged in the business and more collaborative.

What is a 360 Degree Performance Review?

Achieving 360 Degree Performance is possible through our highly regarded multirater survey tool. These surveys have been specially designed to provide each member on the team with insightful, actionable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement as highly productive and engaged employees. Each survey is completed by the employee’s manager/s, peers and direct reports and the anonymous results are provided to the employee in a professional report.

Why would I want to do 360 Degree Performance Reviews in my business?

The reason that 360 Degree Performance Reviews have proven to be such a successful investment for businesses is that they help improve the team’s productivity, as well as staff morale. Each review helps each staff member understand their role within their team, and this improves team cohesion so that members are working more efficiently with one another. Additionally, the reviews help team members feel valued for their contributions to the organization. At a time where staff retention is top of mind for many businesses – the employment market is tough, so when you find the right people, you want to keep them – tools such as the 360 Degree Performance Review are so valuable.

We provide the results anonymously in order to ensure that the feedback provided is honest and constructive. When ego and intra-personal relationships are removed from the feedback process, we find that respondents offer a more honest critique, and the person getting the feedback is more likely to take it on face value. Furthermore, the individual will also take the survey themselves so that they can compare their perception of themselves in a range of competency areas against the perceptions of the people they work closely with. We regularly find that those that participate in these surveys learn much about themselves and how they are perceived by their managers and co-workers.

This structure to the survey also allows employees to provide feedback on their managers and reports without fear of consequence. 360 degree performance is fully achieved when the entire team is aligned.

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