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Emotional Intelligence Survey

Emotional Intelligence Survey Background Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to reason accurately about emotions and to use them to enhance behavior and cognition. There has been increasing interest in this construct over the last 20 years, with a multitude of studies linking EI to improved productivity, retention, adaptability, leadership capability, and overall performance[1][2][3]. EI…
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Emotional Intelligence: What is it, and why should we measure it?

Emotional Intelligence: What is it, and why should we measure it? IQ vs EI Until recently, many companies relied on IQ as a gold standard measure of success. Employees and leaders with higher IQ were considered to be more successful, intelligent, and a better hire, and to an extent the evidence supported this[1]. However, many…
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Your Employees Have A Voice…And You’d Better Start Listening

Employee feedback in the past was often limited to the yearly performance review. However, changes in employee expectations mean more organizations are providing regular feedback to their employees – and those that don’t are considered outdated and uncompetitive[1]. There are good reasons underlying this change - research has found regular feedback to bring a multitude…
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