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360 degree feedback surveys

360 Degree Surveys provide one of the best tools for increasing leadership, people management, sales and customer service skills. By measuring the personal views of an individual and comparing these with the perceptions of their managers, peers, direct reports, employees, clients and stakeholders have on that individual, the resultant report provides one of the most powerful leadership self-development tools available.

Benefits of using 360 degree survey software

For the Organization

  • It reinforces the link between the competencies, behaviours and values required for a job and performance. It supports a performance culture.
  • It provides in-depth data (qualitative and quantitative feedback), such as comparative data on a departmental basis.
  • It provides employees with a better understanding of their strengths and development areas and a sound basis for development planning and performance improvement.
  • It generates commitment to development of self and team and forms the basis for developing Leadership Action Plans.
  • It engages people with different perspectives, in different roles and at different levels.
  • It provides a fair and transparent process that will encourage an open culture that values manager, peer and employee feedback.

For the Individual

  • Provides an opportunity to better understand the opinions of the people they work with and compare these views with their own.
  • The feedback has more relevance, and is therefore more accepted, as it is coming from a variety of trusted sources.
  • Improves the dialogue between the individual and their manager.

  • Increased job satisfaction and feeling valued by the organisation.
  • Improves teamwork by raising awareness of how others perceive individuals as a contributor to the group.
  • 360 degree surveys identify top performers and assists them to further improve their leadership capabilities.

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