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Available 360 feedback survey templates!


Professional Reporting

Professional Reporting

Upon completion, our system automatically generates a comprehensive report to help you and your managers identify strengths and development areas as a leader.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Our Express 360 Service is completely hassle-free for our clients. Once a survey is scheduled, our team of survey experts will handle all the administrative and technical side of the survey.

Unlimited Respondents

Unlimited Respondents

Want to include all 30 members from your team? No problem, simply gather their email, first and last name, and enter those details when scheduling your template survey.

Automated Reminder System

Automated Reminder System

Once scheduled, our system keeps track of completion progress, and automatically sends reminder emails to respondents that have yet to complete their surveys.

Getting Started Checklist


Identify Required Template

  • Download the sample report to ensure
    survey content meets your requirements.
  • 02

    Respondents Name/Email

  • For each respondent, you will need their
    First and Last Name, as well as their Email Address.
  • 03

    Respondents Allocation

  • You will need to determine which
    respondent group an individual belongs to
    (e.g., Direct Report, or Peer).
  • 04

    Payment Details

  • Surveys are only activated and
    launched after payment is received.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Which survey template is right for me?

    For a comprehensive overview of your leadership capabilities, the 360 Leadership Development (Long) is the most appropriate survey. For further information on the survey templates, contact

    Q: How long does it take a respondent to complete a 360 feedback survey?

    All of MultiRaterSurveys' templates take less than 30 minutes to complete

    Q: How quickly can I expect a report upon survey completion?

    As soon as all respondents have completed the survey, or that the survey has been completed to a satisfactory level, our survey team will generate a report for you. This process takes less than 2 minutes

    Q: Can I label my own respondent groups?

    To label your own respondent groups, contact Please note that this will incur an extra charge.

    Q: I want to add my own questions, and edit existing ones. Is this possible?

    To add/edit questions, you will need to subscribe to our platform to access the full suite of customizability. We offer a 14-day free trial, and a complimentary demo from our survey team to show you our online survey platform. Sign up here.