example survey reports

There are three different report styles depending on whether the survey being conducted is a 180º, 360º or Pulse survey. The report format is designed to be informative, simple to use and most importantly present the survey information in a format that allows for effective interpretation. Our philosophy is that the employee, manager or management team should be able to identify the two to four areas that, if worked on, will deliver tangible benefits to the individual and/or the organization.

180º Surveys are used to improve the operational, sales or customer service performance of individual employees. These development surveys effectively measure the perceptions of the employee and those of their manager across a range of role related competencies, providing the basis for a one-on-one discussion with the employee about their performance and attitude.

Template surveys available include:
  - 180º Individual Performance
  - 180º Sales Skills
  - 180º Customer Service Skills

360º Surveys provide one of the best tools for increasing leadership, people management, sales and customer service skills. By measuring the subjective views of an individual and comparing these with the perceptions that his/her managers, peers, direct reports, employees, clients and stakeholders have on that individual, the resultant report provides one of the most powerful self-development tools available.

Template surveys available include:
  - 360º Leadership Development
  - 360º Sales Capability
  - 360º Customer Service Capability

pulse surveys

organizational improvement

Organizational Pulse Surveys are MultiRater Surveys that measure the perceptions respondents have about an entity, not about an individual. Survey employees to better understand their engagement levels and clients to better understand their satisfaction levels. From the Pulse survey reports management teams are better informed to develop short, medium and long-term business strategies.

Template surveys available include:
  - Employee Engagement Survey
  - Client Pulse Survey
  - Company Board Evaluation Survey

The sample reports are developed from the MRS templates that are available to clients. Clients that have invested in a paid subscription can edit template surveys by deleting/adding/editing questions from the extensive Question Bank or adding their own questions. Clients can also add their own Respondent Groups and customize the Report Introduction and Summary pages.

New template surveys are continually being developed, soon to be released:
  - Franchisee Pulse Survey