180 Degree Leadership Development Surveys

180 Performance Review Surveys | 180 Degree Surveys

180-degree assessments are set up within organizations to identify competency gaps, generate tailored learning, and create Development Plans for employees. The reports are designed to improve an individual’s awareness of his capabilities and areas of improvement, while highlighting resources available to support his development. Generally, a 180 performance review or 180 degree feedback exercise is recommended for junior and middle management employees.

In this methodology, development feedback is typically generated through self and manager inputs. The system then creates a consolidated report, comparing the two assessments, and highlighting patterns and conclusions. The manager-employee duo discusses this report, with or without the presence of a facilitating HR expert, and creates a detailed Individual Development Plan for the employee.


5 Key Reasons to consider 180-degree feedback surveys

  • Reality check – allows the person being rated the benefit of comparing self-perception of strengths and weaknesses against those of his or her manager;
  • Clarifies expectations – often we think we know what is most important on the job, but we could be out of sync with our manager – a 180 performance review allows the supervisor to weigh in on priorities and subsequent discussion can make expectations crystal clear!
  • Out in the open – with a 180 performance surveys the person being rated knows who said what – no mystery and all data!
  • Simpler report – data resulting from a 180 exercise in the participant’s output report shows self, supervisor and norm group – 3 powerful data points; this is plenty to consider for development planning and are also probably the most important data points to consider anyway!
  • Quick - With just the two raters, a 180 performance review survey can be done quickly (a day or two, typically) with no follow-up time or effort needed.