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Fully customizable online people and business surveys made easy

Looking to increase revenue, profitability, productivity and customer service levels? Studies show that as employee engagement rises, so do all of the above. To increase employee engagement, organizations need to improve the leadership and people management skills of their teams.

How? With 360 degree leadership development surveys.


Increased business performance starts here

Leadership is not a position

For organizations to achieve full potential they need to develop leadership skills at all levels, not just the C-Suite. MRS provides a cost effective platform to achieve this potential

Becoming client centric

Client centric organizations realise greater growth and higher profitability by asking their client for their feedback and also what they want in the future

Improving individual performance

Online 180 degree performance reviews are a key performance management and coaching tool. What you don't measure you don't achieve

Increasing employee engagement

MRS allows organizations to regularly survey their employees' views and receive feedback that will help shape organizational strategies

Maximizing sales capability

By measuring the perceptions of clients, prospects, sales managers and the salespeople themselves, development plans can be initiated to maximize sales performance

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easier way to implement 360o surveys?

Now there is, with MultiRater Surveys' unique online platform. MultiRater Surveys flips traditional methods on their head by providing an easy and affordable online survey platform for creating and customizing surveys for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

With the most powerful, fully customizable online people analytic surveys, the MultiRater Surveys online system will increase your employee engagement levels and save you money at the same time.

Our customizable online survey templates include:

  • 180 degree Performance Management Surveys
  • 180 degree Sales Competency Surveys
  • 180 degree Customer Service Competency Surveys
  • 360 degree Leadership Development Surveys
  • 360 degree Sales Capability Development Surveys

  • 360 degree Customer Service Capability Surveys
  • Employee Engagement and Feedback Surveys
  • Client Pulse Surveys
  • Company Board Evaluation Surveys
  • Franchisee Pulse Surveys (coming soon)

Edit our template surveys or develop your own surveys
Personalized invitations are emailed to all survey participants
Reminders are sent automatically and you are notified when all participants have completed
Download or email final reports immediately after survey has been completed and closed
The final reports will provide all of the information needed to improve individual and team performance

+ unlock the benefits of people analytics