Leadership Satisfaction Survey

How Multirater Surveys Leadership Satisfaction Survey Helps Employees Grow

Understanding your strengths, development areas, and opportunities for growth are key to your personal and professional development. MultiRater Surveys’ leadership satisfaction survey can become the key tool in providing these critical information in a non-confrontational, and progressive manner, helping you to get the most out of the peer review process. Ask us for a 360 degree assessment example today to see the power of our surveys in action!

360 Degree Assessment Example

How does the survey work?

As you’ll see in our 360 degree assessment example, the leadership satisfaction survey is a simple, but powerful, tool. The survey will canvas all the people that you work with, both within your team and your direct reports. Additionally, it is equipped with the capability to also survey your customers and clients. From there it generates a report that provides you with an opportunity to see the opinions of people that you work with, while comparing them to your own views about your skills and areas for improvement.

(What does this look like? Contact us for a 360 degree assessment example!)

Our surveys are conducted in complete anonymity. This gives the survey participants the opportunity to express themselves honestly and without fear of retribution and therefore introduces transparency into the employee feedback process. Often a person’s management style is a sensitive subject that those they manage don’t feel like they can comment on, so the leadership satisfaction survey becomes a valuable tool in promoting an open and transparent feedback culture.

What are the benefits from a leadership satisfaction survey?

For many employees, career development and pathways are critical elements that define the satisfaction they draw from their work. By providing employees with the kind of feedback that MultiRater Surveys’ leadership satisfaction survey provides, the entire team will feel valued and invested in by their organisation.
Furthermore, the insights derived from the survey data will often be surprising. We often hear from clients just how effective our surveys are at encouraging deeper levels of self-awareness and personal development. You can see all of this in action by contacting us to get a 360 degree assessment example.
Finally, these surveys can also lead to improved communication within teams. While the surveys are anonymous, the feedback that a person receives will highlight opportunities for improvement. By taking this feedback on board, the individual can find new ways to interact with their teams, and perhaps new and improved ways of working smarter and more efficiently.

Don’t forget to contact us for a 360 degree assessment example!

We have worked hard to make our leadership satisfaction survey easy to roll out and gather feedback from. Working from proven templates and additional resources within our library, you will be able to easily craft the right set of questions for your business and people. Our payment system has been designed for businesses of all sizes, too – unlike many other enterprise solutions that have a monthly cost that locks smaller businesses out, our surveys can be purchased up-front as needed.

Finally, you have the expertise of the MultiRater Surveys team backing you up. We have a deep understanding of HR and the value of performance reviews, and, as you’ll see when you access a 360 degree assessment example, we can help you ask the right questions for your people.

Get started with our leadership satisfaction survey today!

Getting started with MultiRater Surveys could not be easier, with full guided tools on this website to get you going – set-up is as easy as 1… 2… go! If you have any further questions about how to structure the kind of leadership satisfaction survey that will engage your people and generate measurable insights into the organisation, our team will be more than happy to help walk you through how the templates and survey system works. Whether you’re looking for a one-off quick survey of your people, or a more substantial drill down into your business culture, simply drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you at the nearest opportunity. You’ll find – and quickly! – that our surveys are an invaluable resource for developing a leading team.


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