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Our 360 degree assessment tool is the genuine transformational leadership survey platform

The jobs market is more dynamic than ever, and people are moving from job to job with greater fluidity. Managing churn and retaining your best people requires a dedicated strategy, and the 360 degree assessment tool from MultiRater Surveys is a key tool in the tool kit for employee satisfaction and, ultimately, talent retention.

The 360 degree feedback platform is the ideal transformational leadership survey solution. By implementing a leadership capability program, employee performance, employee engagement and company culture will improve significantly across all areas, including:

1) Generating employee satisfaction

Giving employees at all levels of the business a voice is a key benefit to the 360 degree assessment tool. The surveys generated through our platform ensure confidentiality for all participants, which is of course important for gathering accurate and honest feedback from the transformational leadership survey process.

The insights generated from the surveys can help organisations shape their approach to leadership. In turn, this will provide managers and executives appropriate feedback on how to lead while accommodating for the needs of their subordinates. In a nutshell, this transformational leadership survey process will improve morale, which will subsequently boost productivity, limit “grape vine” toxic conversations and rumours, and lower employee churn rate.

2) Identifying the future leaders of your business

Your best leaders are not always the most obvious choices. Quiet champions who work hard and earn respect, but in the background often get overlooked for career progression behind the more outgoing and vocal people. However, this can lead to your quiet champions quietly moving along when better opportunities are presented to them.

One of the great strengths is the way that the transformational leadership survey is data-driven and entirely objective. The 360 degree assessment tool has been designed to identify skills, and also the full potential of each employee within the organisation. As a platform that maximises your people capital investment, the interactive, real-time performance dashboard makes the insights accessible and highly reportable.

3) Convenient and appropriate for businesses of all sizes

Whether you’re a large corporation with hundreds (or thousands) of seats, a medium-sized business looking to scale though the strength of your people, or a start-up looking to establish a leadership culture that is winning from the outset, the 360 degree assessment tool is affordable and highly accessible. Cloud-ready, this transformational leadership survey approach is mobile-friendly and remote employees can be included within the survey process.

Who benefits from the leadership satisfaction survey?

The MultiRater Survey platform can be driven by either the HR and/or leadership teams who will build the survey and share it across the business, however, the insights that come from a 360 degree assessment tool will create tangible benefits for everyone within the organisation.

Our customers have used MultiRater Surveys to improve staff engagement, refine processes, identify opportunities for both efficiency and skills development, and to create new business opportunities. All the while at a price point that supports the smallest of businesses right through to the largest of corporations. It’s also incredibly easy to set up a survey and begin generating insights out of it, without support from the tech team.

Further supporting our leading 360 degree assessment tool is the expertise of MultiRater Surveys’ team. From our library of templates to bespoke support, we can assist in making sure that the data generated out of the transformational leadership survey process is pertinent to your business and its objectives.

How can I get started?

Getting started with MultiRater Surveys could not be easier, with full guided tools on this website to get you going – set-up is as easy as 1… 2… go! If you have any further questions about how to structure the kind of genuine transformational leadership survey that will engage your people and generate measurable insights into the organisation, our team will be more than happy to help walk you through how the templates and survey system works. Whether you’re looking for a one-off quick survey of your people, or a more substantial drill down into your business culture, simply drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you at the nearest opportunity.


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