Development Summaries

A leadership development survey can be a foundational tool in building your leadership team’s capabilities across a broad range of management competencies. A simple, yet highly effective, internal coaching process is to conduct an online 360 Leadership Development Survey and from these survey results identify a maximum of four development areas from the list below:

JRead the individual Development Summaries by clicking on their names below:

Once you have selected the three or four development areas from the above list, develop a Leadership Action Plan with actions, outcomes required and due dates.

Leadership Development Survey

How the leadership development survey can help

It’s often difficult to objectively analyse yourself and your management capabilities. Where a leader in an organisation might see their strengths, others would view that as a development area. The strength of the leadership development survey is that it helps leaders come to an objective understanding of where their capabilities lie and, from there, gather feedback on how they can continue to improve as leaders.

Because the leadership development survey is anonymous and comes from everyone that the leader works with – their own direct reports, their managers and their peers – the results provide a true cross-section, and individuals don’t need to worry about their responses being traced back to them.

The real strength of the leadership development survey, however, is that the leader also fills out their own, with the same survey questions that the others filled out. Comparing and contrasting what a person thinks of their own capabilities, and what others see in them, is oftentimes illuminating.

The benefits of a development programme, backed with a leadership development survey

A business benefits from investing in the right 360-Degree Leadership survey by ending up with better leaders at all levels within the organisation. These surveys, when managed well, open better avenues for dialogue and communication, and in doing so foster deeper communication channels across teams.

For individuals, there’s a real opportunity to use the leadership development survey as an opportunity for career development. Having pinpointed areas for improvement and development, the individual can seek out training or mentorship to further develop their skills. As better leaders they will then put themselves on the fast track to additional leadership opportunities and responsibilities

One of the strengths of the MultiRater Surveys 360 degree solution is that it tabulates and reports on the results from the survey process in a way that is easy to follow and build an action plan on. Fully understanding the data that any survey collates is critical to the success of it, and with our fully automated reporting system, the rating breakdowns are clear and concise – with each group (e.g., direct reports, peers, etc) having their own section. This preserves anonymity and provides a clear, balanced and granular picture of where the leader sits with each individual skill.

How our customers use 360 degree surveys

We generally find that there are three reasons why our customers reach out to us to run a leadership development survey:

1) Leadership development – A leadership development survey can assist an employee with stepping up into a leadership role for the first time. The peer review process will highlight the skills and capabilities that a person needs to develop before they’re ready to take the step into management and can also give the organisation a sense for when a person is ready to step up to a leadership role.

2) Performance appraisals – Another key quality of a leadership development survey is that it can help identify the root cause of challenges within an organisation. If there is a larger than expected churn in staff, for example, these surveys might highlight the qualities that the leadership team lack, which is causing employees to lose confidence in the organisation.

3) Succession planning – The qualities of the 360 degree survey mean that it’s one of the best tools available for highlighting the star performers to fast track into critical roles and the executive layer, and then provide guidance on how to prepare them to lead with maximum efficiency.

How we can help

At MultiRater Surveys, our goal is always to help you get the most from your investment in 360 degree survey software. We can provide expert guidance on the best practice use of the survey, the questions to ask, and how to best interpret the results. Contact Us today to learn more about our leadership development survey today!


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