Zero in on the Main Points
  • Clearly define an issue's key elements before pursuing steps toward a solution or course of action.
  • Assemble all the pieces involved in a business matter in order to clearly analyse the bigpicture.
  • Stay on track when researching an issue. Avoid spending time on material that is irrelevant tothe goal at hand.
  • Read and analyse company reports, budgets and financial statements relevant to the matterunder consideration.
Take a Broad, Comprehensive Overview of the Situation
  • Anticipate problems or potential difficulties. Weigh these against expected benefits.
  • Consider both the short and long-term effects of a proposed action.
  • Know the long-range objectives of the business and make sure decisions are consistent withthose plans.
  • Take into account all pertinent data and alternative approaches.
  • Evaluate the impact your decisions will have on co-workers and clients. Take theirperspective in reviewing the issue.
  • Consider the lessons of history, circumstances of today and projections for the future.
  • Know your competition.
Come to a Workable Conclusion
  • Draw practical applications from the provided information.
  • Be able to logically explain your rationale for a decision.
  • Formulate a plan that others can easily understand and support

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