Benefit from Technology
  • Recognise the role that technology can play in increasing production. Be willing to make thenecessary investment.
  • Become proficient in the application of new technology. Commit to an ongoing learning process tostay current with applicable technological advances.
Ask for Help When Necessary
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing certain work to an independent contractor.
  • Solicit the services of an outside resource when the need for specific expertise is clear.
  • Arrange for outside consultations for short-term, targeted projects.
Take Action Instead of Procrastinating
  • Don't put off starting a big project because it seems overwhelming. Take a step at a time andconvince yourself to take the first step.
  • Schedule a precise time to handle a matter you've been successfully postponing. Then make sureyou keep the appointment.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of attacking, rather than delaying, work that you dislike or find difficult.
Establish Priorities
  • Decide what is truly important. Don't let inconsequential activities swallow up valuable time. Theway you spend your time should be a direct reflection of your priorities.
  • Have the discipline to say 'no' to activities that will divert you from your highest priorities.
  • Eliminate or delegate tasks that are unimportant to your primary objectives. Tackle remaining tasksin the order of their importance.
  • Adjust priorities as the situation warrants. Keep everyone informed of the priorities as they evolve.

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