Learn from Your Mistakes
  • Keep in mind that a mistake only becomes a failure if you fail to learn from it.
  • Don't blame others. Take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Discuss with others what you did right and what you could have done differently.
  • Spend some time reflecting on a mistake. The time investment will pay off if you gain insights into the causes. Then put the past behind you. It will be most productive to focus on how you will apply lessons learned to future performance.
Learn from Criticism
  • Accept negative feedback as performance improvement information. Use it constructively to become more capable on the job.
  • Realise that your self-perception of your performance may be different from the perceptions of others. Learning of the discrepancies in perceived proficiencies can improve your effectiveness.
  • Don't become angry or defensive. Giving negative feedback is hard enough. If you make it more difficult, you may stop the flow of valuable developmental information.
  • Request feedback. Let others know you are open to suggestions. Thank them for their honesty.
Commit to Lifelong Learning
  • Stay current with business-related information, as it quickly becomes outdated.
  • Improve the skills you have and learn new ones.
  • Discover how you learn best. Then use those resources to develop competencies.
  • Take a self-directed approach to learning. Don't wait for someone to push you.
  • Keep growing and changing. it's a law of nature and of business.

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