Handle Conflict in a Direct and Effective Manner
  • Don't ignore conflict, thinking it will disappear, it won't.
  • Don't expect a conflict-free workplace, some discord is inevitable and constructively dealingwith it will create a more productive work environment.
  • Listen carefully to all viewpoints in a disagreement. Define the problem. Then begin theprocess of resolution.
  • Explore multiple options. Then resolve differences with solutions that are acceptable to allinvolved parties.
Encourage Cooperation in order to Reap the Benefits of a Strongly Unified Group Effort
  • When recognising outstanding performance, go beyond the acknowledgment of individualsuccesses. Give equal emphasis to team achievements and effective cooperation among teams.
  • Validate the importance of each and every team member's contribution.
Learn to Collaborate on Team Decisions
  • Practice the art of compromise when making decisions, creating win/win situations.
  • To gain support for decisions, involve the team in considering alternative approaches. Strivefor consensus in order to increase commitment to the final decision.
Establish Team Objectives
  • As much as possible involve the team in formulating goals consistent with, and supportive of,the overall mission of your business. Also solicit input when planning the implementation of thegoals.
  • Make sure everyone understands the team's goals, as well as their role in attaining the goals.
  • Keep everyone apprised of team progress.
Develop Group Dynamics that bring out the Best in Everyone
  • Recruit individuals with talents that will complement the skills of other team members.
  • Capitalise on each person's strengths and experiences to create a potent team.

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