In Making Plans and Making Decisions, Know When It's Time to Take Action
  • Avoid snap decisions when possible. Spend a reasonable amount of time analysing alternatives. Then make your move.
  • Become accustomed to making quick decisions on routine business matters. Then get on with other concerns.
  • Recognise when sufficient facts have been gathered to make an informed decision. Don't delay beyond that point. Make a call.
  • Don't hold up a project with constant waffling and indecision.
  • Communicate fully the terms of a decision and its ramifications. Let others know that negotiations are over for now and that the present intent is to make the plan work.
  • Don't allow fear of a wrong move to hamper your actions. Know that you can make adjustments to,even reversals of, your plan later if necessary.
Exercise Initiative
  • Don't wait to be told that a task needs doing. Do it.
  • Pitch in where needed, even if the task falls within another person's area of responsibility.
  • Take charge of implementing positive changes in the workplace.
  • Concentrate your energies on matters where you can make things happen.
  • Know what's expected of you and then go beyond that.
Learn to Deal Promptly with Problems
  • When faced with a problem, don't waste time blaming or complaining. Use your time to look for solutions.
  • Be proactive. Choose to address problems instead of ignoring them or making excuses for non-action.
  • Respond quickly to client concerns.

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