Keep Promises
  • Don't make promises that you can't, or won't, keep.
  • If circumstances beyond your control affect a commitment, make sure those involved areinformed about the situation.
Keep Confidences
  • If you agree to keep certain information confidential, keep the promise. If you have any doubtsabout whether you can abide by the agreement, don't enter into it.
  • Some confidences are implied. Follow your conscience.
  • Know which company records are open and which are classified.
Be Honest and Forthright
  • When asked difficult questions, give truthful, straightforward answers whenever possible.When it's not possible to share information, explain the reason.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes. Don't make excuses or try to place the blame on others.
Demonstrate Integrity
  • Keep your actions consistent with your words. Show character in both.
  • Meet deadlines, keep appointments, be on time or be prepared with a sound explanation.
  • Take a stand for your beliefs and values.
  • Be certain that you can defend your actions based on the highest, best intentions.
  • Lead by example.
Encourage Organisation Wide Ethics
  • Acknowledge others for making ethical choices. Promote high standards of behaviour fromeveryone around you.
  • Know your organisation's ethical policies. If a specific policy does not exist for a situationyou're facing, and you are in question about the course to take, consult with your boss and other.

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