Respect and capitalise on the range of differences that Individuals bring to the group.
  • Understand that your approach to work is correct, but that doesn't make it the only correctapproach.
  • Realise that contrasting work styles can complement one another and make for a strongeroverall outcome.
  • Keep your focus on the bottom line and remain flexible about processes and procedures.
  • Take into account the input you receive from all levels in the organisation.
  • Keep an open-minded, willing-to-learn attitude in diverse settings and situations.
  • Pursue experiences outside the norm for you. Learn to adapt to, and become confident in, avariety of environments with differing expectations.
Learn to Deal Effectively with Unexpected Problems and Sudden Crises.
  • Develop the habit of assuming the best instead of the worst. A small problem can set inmotion activities that lead to big improvements.
  • Keep things in perspective. Avoid agonising over minor adjustments to the big plan.
  • Figure out where things went wrong. Decide what you could do differently next time to preventa similar setback.
  • Keep your sense of humour.
Know That the One Thing You Can Always Count on Is Change.
  • Consider the saying: 'You can never step in the same river twice'. Accept changingcircumstances as inevitable and plan for them as much as possible.
  • Don't assume that business as usual will keep clients loyal. Anticipate their changing needs.
  • Always have contingency plans.
  • Read current business books and periodicals as well as general interest materials. Learn tospot trends and apply them to your business.
  • Be proactive. Choose change instead of waiting to react to it.

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