Write Clearly, Concisely, Accurately.
  • Outline the important information you need to cover. Organise the information in a logical, easy-to follow manner. Leave out unnecessary details. Get to the point.
  • Use short, direct sentences. If a nickel word will explain your point, eliminate the quarter word
  • Proofread and make necessary corrections before distributing any written work. Errors affect your credibility.
Speak Effectively to Groups.
  • Prepare before leading discussion groups. Become familiar with the issues so that you can facilitate a productive session.
  • Rehearse before making a presentation. It will go smoother, and you will be more confident.
  • Strive for a conversational, dynamic delivery. Avoid a stiff, formal presentation.
  • Observe the audience for non-verbal clues (such as fidgeting, looking at the clock, appearing puzzled)that you need to inject more enthusiasm or explain a point.
  • Record or videotape yourself speaking to a group. Listen to it later, and ask yourself what you did well and what you could do better.
  • Make sure your main point is crystal clear and that your supporting points are well-organized.
  • Ask others for feedback to see if your message came across as planned
Speak Effectively to Individuals.
  • Don't procrastinate and don't be evasive when you must communicate negative information. When it concerns others, remain sensitive, yet direct. When it concerns you, fully explain the situation and take appropriate responsibility.
  • Writing or speaking, stay on target. Don't wander, ramble or take off on a tangent. Remain direct, to the-point, clear and concise.
  • Recognise the non-verbal messages you give through your facial expression, posture and gestures.
Keep Others Informed.
  • Use letters, memos, bulletin boards, meetings, progress reports, telephone calls, faxes, e-mail, voice mail and all other available forms of communication to keep key people informed of key developments. Also make pertinent documents, associated files and relevant resources available to others involved in a mutual project.
  • Promptly return phone calls and respond to letters, memos, etc.

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