Sense the Impact of Your Words and Actions on Others
  • Do your part to keep morale up. As much as possible, make others feel good about themselves andtheir work.
  • Make sure that joking is never offensive and that kidding is never demeaning.
  • Before responding to a situation, listen closely to others in order to fully understand all sides andaspects of an issue.
  • If you realise you've been insensitive, say you're sorry. Remorse makes a difference; ask any judge.
Show Respect for All
  • Don't label, don't pigeonhole, and don't prejudge anyone.
  • Be consistent and fair in your treatment of all people.
  • Recognise that differences enhance the workplace, contributing a rich mix of experiences andviewpoints.
  • While appreciating the uniqueness of each individual, also focus on commonalities, the core valuesthat draw everyone together.
Keep Critiques Constructive
  • Criticize actions, not people.
  • If you need to address a problem with an individual, find a time and place to hold a confidential,one-on-one discussion.
  • Make sure a criticism includes specific suggestions for desired improvements.
  • In addition to negative feedback, point out positive behaviours that you've observed.
Don't Let Your Emotions Escalate a Crisis
  • Work to remain calm and objective in times of stress
  • Briefly remove yourself from an adversity if you feel you may lose your composure. Return whenyou have put the situation in perspective and can react effectively to deal with it

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