Make Continuous, Creative Improvements
  • Don't get too comfortable with the status quo. Constantly look for new opportunities and improvedways of doing business.
  • Develop your curiosity, not only about business-related matters but also about the world in general.New ideas come from unexpected sources.
Involve Everyone in the Sharing of Ideas
  • Encourage others to contribute their ideas. Fully consider an idea's merits before evaluating itsdrawbacks.
  • Give recognition to staff members who come up with innovations that make a positive impact on thebusiness.
  • Ignore all restrictions, policies and established methodologies at the outset of a brainstormingsession. Let ideas flow freely, unlimited by boundaries of any sort. Particularly avoid any reference tohow 'it's always been done.'
Accept Risks as Part of the Success Equation
  • Realise that actions with the greatest potential benefits usually carry some risks. To achieveoptimum long-term results, risk-taking will be necessary.
  • Analyse risks and realistically determine worst-case scenarios.
  • Figure ways to reduce not completely avoid risks.
  • Accept the occasional failures that are bound to occur when you promote innovation. Keep in mindthe old saw: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Adopt the Attitude That Problems Are Opportunities
  • Stay positive. A problem may constructively redirect a course of action.
  • Look at an obstacle as a challenging puzzle to be solved. Realise that several workable solutionsprobably exist.
  • View a dilemma from multiple perspectives. Step out of your role and look at the problem from anentirely different perspective.

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