Delegate to Free Up Your Time and to Develop Your Staff
  • Get used to the fact that others can handle some tasks as capably as you can. Maybe better.
  • Examine your workload and determine tasks that can be handed over to others, even if initially they will not be as good as you
Delegate to the Best Person for the Circumstances
  • Survey individuals to see what duties they'd be interested in tackling.
  • Match people's strengths with work assignments.
  • Present small, challenging tasks to people with untested abilities. See if they can rise to theoccasion.
  • If you know a person is trying to improve a skill, provide opportunities for practice.
  • If no one has the qualifications for a particular task that needs to be delegated, arrange for thenecessary training.
  • Consider the other person's workload when delegating. Shift responsibilities as necessary.
Oversee But Don't Over Control
  • Give as much direction as necessary to initiate people to new duties. Then let them take charge.Don't hover. During periodic progress reviews, give additional direction as needed.
  • Make your expectations explicit and thorough. Then allow some flexibility in implementation.
  • Clarify which actions will require prior approval from you. Gradually increase the appointed person'sauthority to act independently.
  • Delegate in stages when appropriate. Work up to the point where complete responsibility istransferred to the other person.
  • Encourage others as they take on new responsibilities. Give positive feedback whenever possible.Help them succeed and everyone wins.
  • Remember that failure can be a great teacher. Shield people in newly delegated positions fromdisastrous mistakes, but allow the opportunity for smaller errors that can be instructive for the future.
Let Others Sharpen Their Problem-Solving Skills
  • When people present problems, ask them for possible resolutions before offering your advice.Guide them in becoming solution-oriented.
  • Show confidence in the other person's ability to craft workable, successful.

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