360 degree feedback application surveys: the most powerful self-development tools

The process of improvement throughout our careers should be ongoing. Whether we’re just starting out, working in a managerial role, founding businesses or leading as a CEO, there is always room to develop as a professional and individual. MultiRater Surveys has the 360 degree feedback application solutions and leadership style self assessment survey library to help keep your professional development on track.

Our 360 degree feedback application enables a process for employees to obtain feedback from their colleagues. The process involves managers, peers, direct reports and, in some cases, clients completing a questionnaire which evaluates areas such as leadership, people management and execution. The results can form a core part of the leadership style self assessment survey which can help a person better understand their areas for improvement in a low-stress way.

With any professional assessment survey, there is the concern that an honest answer will impact personal relationships and even inhibit career development within the business. This can taint results. We understand that fully, which is why our 360 degree feedback application produces surveys that are confidential and anonymous, meaning that the evaluation process lets an individual receive a true analysis of how others perceive them at the workplace but without any potential of identifying individual respondents. This is an important part of any executive’s leadership style self assessment survey and professional development analysis.

360 feedback surveys offer a range of benefits to the leadership style self assessment survey process:

• Provides an opportunity to find out the opinions of the people you work with and compare them with your own views

• Provides a more effective understanding of your strengths and development areas

• Gain in-depth data (qualitative and quantitative feedback)

• Improves the dialogue between yourself and manager

• Encourages increased self-awareness and a focus on personal development

360 degree feedback application surveys

Why leverage MultiRater Surveys for your 360 degree feedback application?

Professional development needs a specific and tailored approach. There are many survey tools out there with a general focus, but MultiRater Surveys delivers superior insights through our leadership style self assessment survey tools. The 360 degree feedback application will deliver actionable insights quickly, and help you to really drill down into areas you didn’t even know about yourself.

The complete confidence delivered through our surveys is important, too, as it allows for uninhibited feedback from people who would otherwise be uncomfortable or unable to provide it through an interview or public survey process. Many other survey tools aim to collect identifiable information for future reference. MultiRater Surveys aims to make people comfortable by being completely transparent.

Additionally, our services do not need to be subscription-based, so for smaller organisations that don’t require surveys on a monthly basis, MultiRater Surveys is the ideal a-la-carte option.

Why is a leadership style self assessment survey important?

The modern professional craves the opportunity to improve themselves and their position within the organisation. 29 per cent of millennials – the demographic that represents the present and future of many companies right now – report that they feel poorly engaged with the business because they lack career and professional development opportunities.

There is a solution to this challenge – help these people identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and then use these results to provide training or new opportunities to get the employees deeply engaged in the business. The 360 degree feedback application doesn’t need to be a simple feedback tool, checking off a performance assessment box as required by HR every six months. Rather, it can become a critical function within the business as an engagement tool that can help to boost employee morale, improve the skillsets across the organisation, become the foundation for career development, and reduce rate of churn.

Across many sectors, Australia faces current and looming skills shortages. This makes it more difficult to recruit and retain the best talent. Providing leadership style self assessment survey opportunities, backed by meaningful career development, is one low-cost, high ROI pathway for businesses to retain their best talent.

How can I start offering my people a leadership style self assessment survey?

Getting started with MultiRater Surveys could not be easier, with full guided tools on this website to get you going – set-up is as easy as 1… 2… go! If you have any further questions on the 360 degree feedback application, or anything else to do with our solutions offering, our team will be more than happy to help walk you through it. We have designed our 360 degree feedback application to be easy to use and intuitive, so we will have you up and running with it in no time.


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