Pure Customisation: Curate the Right Leadership Development Framework Survey for Your Needs

The purpose of any survey is to get actionable information that is relevant to your business. Whether you’re surveying external stakeholders, polling your staff internally, or looking to learn something from your customers. The need to ask the right and pertinent questions doesn’t change. MultiRater Surveys is here to help, giving you complete customisation control over your leadership development framework survey (or any other survey you might want to run!) that will make sure your transformational leadership survey questions deliver their desired result.

Just what are those transformational leadership survey questions? It’s totally up to you and what outcomes you’re looking to drive across the organisation. Are you looking for ways to improve employee engagement? Structure the survey around the way that people are managed. Is your leadership development framework survey there to help you better identify opportunities for innovation? Asking the right transformational leadership survey questions can help develop your leadership team and shift the organisation move from laggard to disruptor.

The secret to the success of MultiRater Surveys is our unique and easy-to-use survey builder, which makes getting the right questions into a comprehensive survey a snap.

360 degree feedback application surveys

Take advantage of our best-practice survey templates

Not sure what transformational leadership survey questions will deliver the leadership development framework survey that will enhance your business? MultiRater Surveys can help here, too, as our expertise has allowed us to develop a vast library of survey templates that will help get you started

These survey templates are based on proven success. We’ve seen what transformational leadership survey questions resonate and deliver actionable insights into the business and performance of its leaders, and we know how to structure a leadership development framework survey. By leveraging MultiRater Surveys, you can gain access to that expertise instantly.

All survey templates are, of course, completely customisable, so you will also be able to use them as the foundation for your survey, but then further enhance it with the unique questions that apply to your business.

Leading analytics to support each and every survey

Asking the right questions is only half the story. You also need to see the right data and analytics to form actional insights from your leadership development framework survey. MultiRater Surveys is a leader in this space, too. Our surveys deliver real-time, actionable insights that can drill down into the data in a complex and nuanced manner to help you understand the other half of the story.
Other survey tools will drop a pile of data on you and leave you to sort through what it all means. With MultiRater Surveys, you will instead receive simple and clean reporting to easily identify strengths and development areas, and that data is only ever one click away.

Who benefits from a leadership development framework survey?

It’s the HR department and senior leadership team that is likely to use the MultiRater Survey platform to ask those transformational leadership survey questions, but it’s the whole of business that will benefit from them doing so.

MultiRater Surveys can help identify where a leadership team is lacking in skills for future projects or highlight issues with staff engagement and morale before they even begin to have a negative impact on the business. Because all the data collected through MultiRater Surveys is anonymous and secure, it becomes a critical part of the feedback loop, in ensuring that every employee has a voice, without needing to worry whether they will be singled out for sharing it.

Our customers have used MultiRater Surveys to improve staff engagement, refine processes, identify opportunities for both efficiency and skills development, and to create new business opportunities. All the while at a price point that supports the smallest of businesses right through to the largest of corporations.

How can I get started?

Getting started with MultiRater Surveys could not be easier, with full guided tools on this website to get you going – set-up is as easy as 1… 2… go! If you have any further questions about how to structure a leadership development framework survey, or the kinds of transformational leadership survey questions that will deliver the results you’re looking for, our team will be more than happy to help walk you through how the templates and survey system works. Simply drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you at the nearest opportunity.


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