Employee Surveys

What are employee surveys?

An employee survey is a key organizational process which enables management teams to measure employee engagement, proactively seek employee views and perceptions on the critical success areas and obtain feedback on how the organization can improve its revenue, profitability, customer service levels and internal processes in the future.


One of the key attributes of successful employee surveys is that they should be highly customizable so that organizations can measure what is most important to them and their future business strategies. Complicated, fixed, off-the-shelf surveys are not only too rigid, they generally do not provide the answers to the questions being asked. By using a cost effective and time efficient survey platform, management teams have greater flexibility and are able to monitor employee engagement levels and attitudes on an ongoing and frequent basis.

Whether you want to measure employee engagement, employee attitudes or gain valuable feedback and ideas from your employees, the employee survey can be customized to meet your particular needs. After all, no two companies are exactly alike, so why should you not have employee surveys that are customized to your needs.

The six key benefits when implementing employee surveys are:

  • Give all employees a voice
  • Measure employee happiness, satisfaction and engagement
  • Obtain valuable insights from employees on how to improve organizational efficiencies
  • A real time measure of organizational health
  • Identify areas within the business that are limiting overall organizational success
  • Measure the leadership capability of the management team

Professional Reporting

Customizable reporting converting your survey data into easy to interpret reports.


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