Customer Surveys

Customer service surveys

Many organizations strive to become "customer-centric", many believe they are already "customer-centric", but one thing is absolute - you can never achieve customer centricity unless you ask your clients for their feedback. And the best way to garner this feedback is by using online, customizable customer pulse surveys.

There are some very simple guidelines to an effective
customer pulse survey, they are:

  • First start with the killer questions you want answered (could be as simple as "How can I sell more to existing customers?" or "What areas should be improved as by doing so our customers will be happier?" etc.)
  • Must customize the survey questions to provide the answers to your three or four killer questions (do not include questions that only result in more questions being asked)
  • Include an NPS question to provide an effective measure of improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Client pulse surveys should be a maximum of three to four minutes to complete (clients that have important feedback that you need to hear will not give you 20 minutes of their time)
  • Use open link technology to ensure absolute confidentiality
  • Use demographic questions so that you can "slice and dice" the survey data

Professional Reporting

Customizable reporting converting your survey data into easy to interpret reports.


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