why choose multirater surveys

Over the last ten years multiple studies by organisations such as the Aberdeen Group, the Mercer Group and Taleo have found that any increase in employee engagement increases revenue, profitability and customer service levels.


MultiRater Surveys makes these benefits available to businesses of all sizes, at a fraction of the traditional cost. View our comparison to other survey platforms here.


Tap into these benefits today by using MultiRater Surveys to increase leadership and people management skills of your managers. By doing so, employee performance and engagement will be heightened, resulting in improved organisational performance, engaged and content employees and increased customer loyalty.

  • easy to use

Create and activate surveys in five easy steps:

    1. Select a template survey or design your own
    2. Modify the template (add / delete / edit questions and question groups)
    3. Select respondent groups
    4. Select respondents (employees, clients etc)
    5. Activate survey with the click of a button



  • template surveys

We are continually developing template surveys for our clients to use. To review all available template surveys and sample reports, please click here.


Moreover, clients that have invested in a paid subscription have the ability to customise existing template surveys to ensure that the surveys meet their exact requirements.

  • create your own survey

The MultiRater template surveys do not satisfy your requirements!


No problem


Just create your own survey, using the Question Bank and/or your own questions, and then save it as your own template for future use.

  • manage question groups and questions

Our clients have the functionality to manage their Question Groups by using those provided by MultiRater Surveys as well as add their own question groups.


Additionally, clients can manage their Questions by either using those provided by MultiRater Surveys and/or adding their own questions which are saved for future use.

  • customisable respondent groups

Most survey platforms do not allow clients to customise respondent group name. However MultiRater Surveys allows clients to label each respondent group exactly as they are known, ensuring absolute relevance to each organisations’ terminology.

  • customised branding

Upload your company logo so that it is displayed on screen for your survey respondents to see when completing their online surveys.


Final reports can also be branded to feature company name, address and logo on the report coverpage.

  • multi-lingual capabilities

MultiRater Survey content (question groups, questions, respondent groups etc) allow for all language types (latin and unicode based). New features will allow clients to expand the multi-lingual capabilities. Watch this space.

  • your data is safe & secure 

To protect your data we employ the most advanced security features including Firewall Protection, Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection, HTTP Intrusion Protection, Server Hardening, Daily Security Audits, Disable Root FTP Access, Daily CSX Scans, Monthly Nessus Scans, Web Server & PHP Hardening and Advanced Server Exploitation Prevention.

  • advanced features

MultiRater Surveys provides clients with a range of innovative features never before available to HR and business leaders, such as:

  • Fully customised 180, 360 and Pulse surveys.
  • Client determined question groups and questions.
  • Client determined respondent groups.
  • Fully formated reports are delivered immediately after survey completion.