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Whether you are an HR professional, business owner, executive manager, consultant or advisor, MultiRater Surveys provides you with the platform to maximize your people capital investment. MRS is easy to use and delivers easy to use professional reports.


By using MultiRater Surveys as your people capital survey platform, you can create professional 180 Performance Review, 360 Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Client Pulse surveys in just five easy steps:

  • 1. select

Select an MRS template survey or design one of your own using our Question Bank.
  • 2. modify

Modify the template survey by adding, deleting and editing questions and question groups.
  • 3. add

Add, edit and then select your survey respondent groups.
  • 4. target

Select the respondents for your survey (employees, clients, franchisees etc).
  • 5. activate

Activate the survey with just a click of a button and automatically send email invitations to all respondents.