How to Attract Better Quality Candidates

One of the greatest challenges that business owners and managers face is the employee selection process, with most approaching it with trepidation and sometimes outright fear. Unfortunately this fear is well founded as the traditional recruitment process of resume, interview and reference checking only delivers a future high performing employee 26% of the time.

However, you can dramatically improve your odds of selecting high performers by improving the selection process in a couple of key areas; one of these areas is the Job Advertisement. Using basic logic, you will have a 100% failure rate of selecting the best person for the role if that individual has not applied for the role in the first place. Why is it then that most businesses put such little thought and effort into attracting the top talent?

Join us for a 30 minute webinar at 12:00noon AEST on Tuesday 26th July and learn how you can improve your attraction strategies immediately.


In the webinar we will review why traditional Job Advertisements do not deliver the best results and show you how to write your own Targeted Job Advertisements that are proven to increase the number of quality candidates by three to six times. There is no better position to be in than being spoilt for choice, imagine having to agonise over which candidate to offer the job to because you have three candidates that are outstanding?