Effective Leadership Relies on 3 Key Competencies

The imperative outcome for any 360 feedback process is to help individuals identify their strengths and development areas within an organization. When done correctly it can also open up trust within a team and create a culture of accountability. In order to make the most out of 360 leadership surveys you need to ensure that there is quality data being received.  This all starts with an effective method to facilitate feedback. The design of a feedback survey is a crucial phase of the process and the questions need to be aligned with the organizational competencies. The survey also needs to address key leadership attributes to aid development. From our experience there are three critical areas that an individual needs to develop in order to dramatically improve their leadership capability.

People Management

This competency comes down to a leader being able to hold employees accountable, monitor their performance and provide effective coaching and mentoring. Key skills include motivating their team and encouraging individuals to be enthusiastic about the organizational purpose. People Management is understanding your employee’s strengths and then being able to delegate responsibility to the right people whilst showing continued support.


Execution involves the managers grasp on the fundamentals of the role and their strategic mindset to implement process and complete projects. Managers need to have the confidence to step up and resolve issues or disagreements in a timely manner. This also involves their communication and their ability to share and interpret information successfully.


Leadership is an individual’s ability to influence and provide direction towards a common goal. Earning respect is crucial in being able to gain support and persuade individuals to increase success. To be a great leader you need to be courageous and challenge the status quo as well as not hiding from difficult decisions.

Are you currently using 360 surveys and are you effectively measuring the above competencies?

Off the shelf 360 programs have always been too broad and can focus on areas that have little or no suitability for the individual. To make sure you have an effective solution you need to be able to customize the survey for your respondents and align your competencies with your organizational goals. MultiRater Surveys allows organizations to regularly survey their employees' views and receive feedback that will help shape future organizational strategies. MultiRater Surveys has a range of templates that will help you to create reliable and effective 360 feedback surveys.

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