First Look at Our Brand New Leadership Self-Awareness Report

Defining Great Leadership

Over the last few years, we've been investigating whether there is one key factor that sets apart good, and great leadership. With the rise of Emotional Intelligence - currently one of, if not the hottest topic within the executive world - we believe our team at MultiRater Surveys have found an answer. It is Self-Awareness.

Not only does Self-Awareness underpin great leadership, it is also the foundation to an emotionally intelligent leader. As a result, we have created an in-depth report which dives into a leader's level of Self-Awareness.

The Leadership Self-Awareness Report can be broken down using the five elements described above. Each element provides a unique insight into a particular aspect of an individual's leadership self-awareness, and their leadership capability.

Stay Tuned

Over the following weeks, we will be releasing a variety of content around the Leadership Self-Awareness Report, which will include several case studies, educational articles, guides, and so on. Be sure to keep checking in on our website for new updates, or better yet, sign up to our newsletter and get an exclusive E-Book written by our psychology team that highlights the importance of Self-Awareness in today's leaders.