Goods for Greater Good!

As many of you will have seen on LinkedIn we recently announced our partnership with NFP Good360 Australia. We’ll be providing a range of people capital services to them, assisting them to attract, select, develop and retain high-performers, all pro-bono.

Good360 connects charities with businesses looking to donate excess non-perishable stock (kitchenware, clothing, furniture, Manchester, stationery etc) and was set up in Australia last year by Alison Covington, a former director of public transport company Transdev. The group redirects these products to charities nationwide, who in turn donate them to the local individuals, families and organisations in need. From where we stand Good360 Australia is set to revolutionise the charitable and for-purpose sector. We’ve all become used to placing items in the ‘recycling bin’ at home. And many of us are familiar with the likes of OzHarvest who ensure good food doesn’t go to waste. But up until now unsold stock (for example Woolworths donated a significant amount of Jamie Oliver brand crockery which is now out-of-season to Good360) has ended up in land fill or equally as expensive warehouses. Good360 Australia allows businesses to unburden themselves from this costly dilemma and do something for the greater good. Significantly Good360 supports every charity and NFP (and certain schools) in the country!

There are 2 million+ Australians living below the poverty line and Alison Covington (who is no ‘warm fuzzy’ idealist) intends to change that fact. For our senior executive readers we absolutely encourage you to visit and consider how your organisation might support them.