Leadership Resource Round-up

Leadership Resource Round-up

Each week, MultiRater Surveys will collate the best free leadership content from around the web to allow leaders to proactively develop their leadership capability. The weekly list will contain Articles, Podcasts, Courses and WhitePapers around all things leadership. Our consultants have taken the time to make sure it's not your normal, generic material that can be over complicated, and instead will source information that will leave you engaged, inspired and prepared.


1. Article

Rethinking Competencies, Part 2: What's After Feedback? By Gallup

Everyone understands the importance of constructive feedback and implementing 360 surveys, but leaders often agonize over the scores instead of focusing on the ‘what's next’. The second installment in Gallups series “Rethinking Competencies” contains details on how to effectively interpret the results of 360 feedback, debrief the scores appropriately and then set the leader up for success by focusing on key competencies.  

Read here https://www.gallup.com/workplace/267017/rethinking-competencies-part-expectations-leaders.aspx


2. Podcast

How I Built This - Patagonia by NPR

An oldie but a goodie! Yvon Chouinard founded the outdoor clothing company Patagonia in the 70’s and grew it into an organization of over 1000 employees with a revenue of over $200 million. This podcast will take you through the Patagonia journey from the man himself and explain how Patagonia and its rooted values of activism and environmentalism has created a strong brand with a powerful company culture. 

Listen here https://www.npr.org/2018/02/06/572558864/patagonia-yvon-chouinard

3. Courses 

Improving Communication Skills by University of Pennsylvania via Coursera

Communication has to be one of the most important competencies in any business arena. With the removal of human contact in our current remote working environment, the need for effective communication is more vital than ever. The online learning platform Cousera is supplying a free course to improve communication skills which will pay huge dividends when you return to the office. 

Register here https://www.classcentral.com/course/wharton-communication-skills-8235


4. Whitepaper

Return to Business as Unusual: Workplace of the Future by Verizon and Boston Consulting

The COVID-19 outbreak has fast tracked a global trial of remote working that will dramatically change business operations in the future. Sampath Sowmyanarayan and Boston Consulting Group have prepared an in-depth analysis on what the future might hold for business functions and how it will change working environments forever. 

Download here https://www.verizon.com/about/news/white-paper-return-business-unusual-the-workplace-of-the-future


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