Get Our Exclusive White Paper Now: Boosting Employee Engagement And Retention Through Leadership Strategy

In an era of quiet quitting and unprecedented staff churn, leadership's role in building a winning company culture has never been so critical. With the 360 degree survey sitting at the centre, organisations are able to determine whether their company culture is meeting and exceeding employee expectations, as it now needs to.

MRS has developed a white paper to look at the strategy behind better employee engagement. In it, we share actionable insights on how to prevent quiet quitting and keep engagement within the organisation high, how to minimise the ongoing impact of the “great resignation,” and how to effectively leverage the 360 degree survey to build the company culture and leadership style.

As we note in the white paper: “The idea of data collection can be intimidating. People often have a vision of big, expensive and time-consuming projects. One of the great benefits of the 360 degree survey is that these insights can be achieved quickly and at an excellent ROI – you will start seeing benefits across the company culture almost immediately.”

The white paper is totally free to access. Simply download it here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or want to learn more about how to successfully adopt the 360 degree survey for your organisation. We are here to help!