Renewed Focus on Training and Development

Renewed Focus on Training and Development

When was the last time you were asked for your feedback on training and development programs at your workplace?

Over the last 12 months of managing client engagement surveys, we have identified an increasing trend of employees seeking further training and development opportunities. Unfortunately, due to this very uncertain world we find ourselves in, management teams are not increasing investment in their employees but are actually cutting funding to the very development programs that will assist them to bounce back from the last 16 months. Compounding this is the reality that the new hybrid workplace means that it is even more difficult to conduct on the job training. This may not be an issue in your organisation, but what is clear is work-from-home virtual style employment being fuelled by the global pandemic has dramatically changed the skills and development focus of employers.

Microsoft recently released a report on the new future of work and its findings showed a concern with employee development in a remote environment. The good news is that employees are requesting and welcoming new training and development programs.

COVID-19 has caused major concerns around job security and many employees feel like they are not visible enough to their business leaders when working remotely. Physical presence has hindered spontaneous, on the job mentorship and slowed the natural development of strong internal relationships. For employees starting out in a new role this has become increasingly harder to ensure productivity is exceeding expectation levels. Some employees may never meet their work colleagues or manager in person, and this has a big impact on communication, collaboration and innovation.

Although ways of communicating have increased for most organisations due to the need for more regular check ins and updates, we have seen a decrease in valuable development conversations. The focus for most organisations has been on ensuring productivity levels remain high for an uncertain future, which has meant development programs have been largely ignored. Training courses that were implemented years ago have now become obsolete, so it is essential that new training processes fit the evolving work environment.

Feedback from engagement and pulse surveys offer an efficient way to give your employees a voice and identify any growing concerns they may have, such as the need for training and development even when working remotely. But one survey will not cut it! Continuous feedback will ensure valuable insights are being captured in a changing and virtually fatigued organisation. If you would like more information on how you can gather feedback and develop leaders utilising a cost effective and efficient program, then please email and one of our survey experts will be in touch.