Leadership Development – It actually starts with YOU!

Executives have the greatest impact in most, if not all organizations. Their interconnected network directly affects the success of the organization, as most business decisions go through them. As such, it is crucial for these leaders to receive all-round feedback on their leadership competencies and capabilities from all stakeholders. The result of such feedback will help them better understand their behavioral tendencies – maximizing existing strengths and mitigating development areas.

A study involving over 50,000 executives by Zenger and Folkman found that out of the top 10-percentile ranked in leadership effectiveness, 86% of them consistently requested more feedback. Conversely, only 10% asked for more feedback in the bottom 10-percentile. Research has consistently demonstrated that leadership effectiveness plays a crucial role in how well organizations are able to carry out their strategies [i]. In addition, leadership effectiveness is positively correlated with an employee’s job performance [ii] [iii]. Thus, feedback on leadership capability lays the foundation for success in every organization.

Our team here at MultiRater Surveys understands that not everyone wants a subscription-based survey platform. Although subscription-based platforms do offer an abundance of benefits, they are perhaps better suited for HR professionals or corporations looking for a large-scale feedback tool. For those who are wanting to dive straight into identifying their leadership capabilities, our newly developed cost-effective survey menu is exactly what you need to kickstart your development journey.

Compared to off-the-shelf 360 feedback surveys, our existing survey templates are backed up by scientific research and by our client’s experiences. Our templates are sure to provide “honest and productive” feedback as described by Harvard Business Review. Simply register here and have a survey set up in less than three clicks. Really, it is that simple, just provide the participants’ details, and your feedback process will be up and running in no time. The best part? Results are obtained instantly, and strengths and development reports are automatically generated.

Whether you are a small business owner, or an executive of a large corporation, it is crucial that you are consistently maximizing and developing your leadership capabilities. In doing so, you will create a spiral of positive externalities that will benefit all aspects of your business. For more information, please contact info@multiratersurveys.com, or our Psychology and Survey Consultant at yuhang@peoplogica.com.  


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